The Last Glaciers

Frequently asked questions

Film questions

Are there two movies?

We have a 96 minute cinematic release and a 40 minute educational giant screen release. The 40 minute version launches with IMAX from march 22nd 2022.

Where can I watch The Last Glaciers?

IMAX presents The Last Glaciers is available in select IMAX theatres, beginning March 22, 2022.  Visit for locations, opening dates and links to purchase tickets.

Can I watch The Last Glaciers online?

We will be announcing a distribution partner for the digital streaming cinematic release shortly.

Can I host a screening?

Please contact us at  if you wish to host a screening.

Can Craig or Malcolm speak at my event?

Our team is always happy to attend speaking events both in person and virtually – please get in touch with dates, locations and event details and we will take it from there.